Child of the Sun is a musical in 2 Acts about a Black American family in turmoil. and their need for relief from cultural influences and their path to salvation. It takes place over a twenty-five year span, during the mid-20th century in an American inner-city. A child born to this family, a young vibrant, dynamic figure who lightens the heart and stirs the spirit of all who meet him. Perhaps he is a savior to oppose the Powers that influence and claim the souls of the community at large. It is a allegory of the story of Christ with a difference.


Is a musical work still in progress about heroism and gallantry, truth and the consequences of lies. It is about war and it's value. And the true meaning of the soul of the warrior. `{`Hoping to have a first reading before the end of the year.`}`<br />

Elijah Noble

Takes place two hours after the end of the first regular season game of the new 1996-97 NBA season. The Wichita Cougars have won in convincing fashion over the reigning World Champion Chicago Bulls. Rookie sensation ELIJAH NOBLE lived up to the pre-season hype, giving the long down-trodden Cougar fans something to look forward to and to cheer about for the first time in years. The problem is this budding superstar refuses to stand for the playing of the National Anthem.


My father was born in 1916 to a woman who died bringing him into the world. As a result, a good deal of his rearing was done by his grandfather, a man born in 1845, a slave in rural Georgia. TILL SUNDOWN TOMORROW is a play in two acts depicting that time in my father's life. The title is taken from a poem by a civil war soldier as he lay dying on the battlefield, believing that he will survive if he can just live until sundown tomorrow. Though he couldn't read, my great grandfather memorized the poem because he believed that if he could live long enough to pass on the truths of his own life to my father, through to me and me to mine, that he would survive as we would.


This is a play, that takes place in the early '90's, about five middle age, middle and working class black men who grew up together in the North East Bronx, New York during the 60's and 70's. They periodically get together and play the Parker Brothers game ``RISK``, which is game about world conquest. It is their metaphor for the challenges in their relationships with each other and with the other people in their lives, their social and political differences, the shared history of competition, joys and jealousies, the women and the war games that make up facets of this enduring bond. They are all considered leaders in their community, or {``guardians of the village``} although, in life, they have not always played by the rules. There is also a joy in the knowledge that they have survived, so they do this ritualistic game playing as a kind of celebration, a bonding, a way to work out their differences with each other without getting seriously hurt. But the world around them is changing, perhaps faster than they are prepared to accept. This is about who and what men are and how they get that way, what they do and why.<br /> It takes place over the course of a weekend at the home of one of the men. There is also, a younger man who worships them, and tries to live by what he sees as their example, though he may have chosen some of the less admirable lessons of their behavior to follow. In addition, staying in the older man's home at the current time, is a young woman who came to him seeking refuge from her abusive boyfriend, who is mysteriously killed in the prologue. Among black men, the term `` we boys`` means we are closer than friends and more than brothers.


Is a musical comedy in 3 acts that takes place in the mid -1970's. It is about dreams, desire, hope and fear, power and sex and love and success, failure and disappointment, devotion and most of all, it is about survival. Survival in ``show business`` and other life forms. It's about using what you have to make what you want. It is about the difference between artistry and fame and how the twain may never meet. It's about selling yourself and selling your soul, and living on the profits. It's about boy meets girl - boy gets girl - boy loses girl, and finding out if boy having girl is what either of them wanted in the first place.